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An Alienated Father’s Christmas

Posted by madcap on December 21, 2008

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I have written in the past about Parental Alienation. While this issue almost never makes it to the 24/7 news spin channels, it is something that affects millions of families here in America, as well as millions more in other countries such as Canada and England.

What is Parental Alienation? This is when one parent, usually the mother, sets out on a campaign to keep the father out of the children’s lives. This can happen in a range of severity, climaxing into what is know as obsessed alienation. An obsessed alienator is just like the terminator, they can’t be stopped. Usually these people suffer from narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies. I call them Terminator Mothers.

The sad thing is that our legal system rolls out the red carpet for mothers to do this. Not fathers, mothers. The gender bias in our courts is profound. Things are starting to change as the courts get bogged down with frivolous complaints, but not fast enough for me.

This will be my first Alienated Christmas ever. I can’t so much as send my daughters a card or give them a call. If I was to write something personally to them in this post, I could be arrested and thrown in jail. So I will not say anything like “Merry Christmas girls,” or “I love you” directly to them. That would be a major violation.

Why? What did I do? After eight years of court ordered visitation how did it end? I moved to Chicago. As soon as my tires left the driveway, mom was once again back in court filing for an emergency order of protection. Emergency Orders of Protection are great weapons for terminator mothers because you do not need any proof of anything. Just fill out the paper work and presto – all visitation removed. Now dad has to hire an attorney, attend multiple court hearings, take off work, pay for hotels and fork out thousands of dollars.

Isn’t that great? Now what happens after all this? You get your visitation back. Not your money, not your time, and not your sleep. This is all part of the strategy used by terminator mothers. Do this, and many other things, as often as possible, hoping that dad will just get tired and go away. And, many fathers do. I’m on the edge myself. I could write a book on the fires I’ve walked through in order to maintain relationships with my daughters.

My terminator has been so crazy, her last attorney apologized to my attorney for his client being so outrageous. Of course he had no problem taking her money.

So, this is Christmas. I wonder how my girls are doing. I’m wishing I could hear their voices. It’s the last Sunday in Advent. I’ll go to church and pray. Not just for myself and my childern, but for all the fathers, childern, and families that are shattered and broken.


One Response to “An Alienated Father’s Christmas”

  1. robertgartner said

    I too am sitting here completely alienated not only from my daughter but also from my father and my sister. This sickness is not limited to your offspring. The patterns can be much deeper than that. I had been attracted to narcissists all my life because of the great influence of my narcissistic parents.Now my sister is has been even using this against me, along with my father over the estate of my mother. She has become like them. I hav ehealed and they cannot accept that I do not need them anymore. I have become the rejected one. Needing someone or somebody to reject is one of the primary needs of these truly sick people.

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