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Family Court Cost Used As “Strategy”

Posted by madcap on December 5, 2008

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It has been my experience that the only winner in court cases are the attorneys. In my case, the expense of court is used as part of moms strategy to alienate me from my daughters. Mom will insist on going to court knowing full well that she will loose, as long as it is financially draining on me. In this current round, I will have to add hotels and days off from work because I now live so far away. This is a post from Fathers Unite that talks about the cost of court battles.

Family courts today are not a solution for divorcing parents, but a hindrance to the process and very harmful to children and families. Unfortunately this is a simple scientific and statistical fact – NOT AN OPINION.  Over 80% of custody awards are for sole custody and this has been proven the absolute WORST arrangement for children – yet it is the easiest and most profitable for lawyers and the states. Therefore it is a fact that divorce courts today are destroying millions of children’s chances of growing up normal. In fact the chance of divorce of a child later in life goes up 93% when raised in a sole-custody home.
State family courts operate unconstitutionally, without regard to the highest laws of the land by ignoring supreme court rulings, case law and the many fundamental guarantees of the constitution. Calling then “kangaroo courts” would be too generous as kangaroo courts at least go through the motions to pretend there is justice – family courts often issue judgments without a trial!  They intimidate, drive people into bankruptcy and tell people they “can’t win” and they are right because the game is rigged. It is basically a conspiracy to deny parents their rights for the profit of people in this FOR PROFIT system. Video by Minister Ron Smith.

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