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Terminator Mothers’ Tactics Of Alienation- “Do You Love Me?”

Posted by madcap on December 30, 2008

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After eight years of fighting alienation, mom finally won out. She could not be stopped. The mind manipulation  started long ago, in small subtle ways. When I first received my court ordered visitation with my two daughters, the alienation had already begun. I didn’t think it could work if I stayed in my daughters’ lives, but that was when I was ignorant to the power of the terminator and the  profound affect her wall of separation that creates an alienation environment can have on fragile eggshell minds.

I would pick the girls up every other Friday. God how I would look forward to seeing them. I had been a stay-at-home-dad up until the separation. Anyway, one of the things mom the terimnator would do, would be to call the girls either on the Friday I picked them up, or on Saturday morning. Nothing wrong with mom calling as such, but it’s what she did when she called that was strange. This was just one of many methods used in the alienation process; a slow but steady movement to choke dad off from the children.

It would start out innocent enough, “hello” and “what are you girls doing?” But soon things turned for the worse. Mom would begin to repeatedly ask the girls “do you love me?” and then add “oh how I miss you girls so much, do you miss me?” she would cry, making them cry too. I couldn’t  believe she would do this to the girls. If I would have known what I know now about the power and persistence of terminator mothers, I would have sough a court order to take the girls to counseling.

This  type of manipulation would make the girls feel bad about them leaving mom alone, and for being at dad’s. The girls, of course, were upset after talking to mom. Sometimes the girls were only gone a matter of a few hours when the call would come.

If you read any of the other articles I have posted on parental alienation, you will see that loyalty testing is one way terminator mothers subtly alienate the fathers from the children. When children are young, small acts like this can have a long and powerful effect on them. It is one way to set the groundwork for further tactics, and in the end, help to end the relationship between children and their fathers.

Eventually, over time and with relentless persistence, like the terminator, the children will not want to have anything to do with their dads.

When it gets to this point, mom will proudly claim that it’s not her that is keeping the children from dad, but the children themselves, through “their own free will.”


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Affiliate Marketing, Quick and Easy Money?

Posted by madcap on December 30, 2008

I see it all the time on the web. People claiming that there is lots of quick and easy money to be made on the web. “All you have to do is….” Well I don’t think any money is quick and easy, but I do agree that there is money to be made on the web.

I just started my first affiliate marketing website. After three and a half years of blogging and building web pages, I now get to try my SEO skills out and see if I can create a successful online store. So far it’s been a lot of work, especially if you count the three and a half years of blogging.

If you are looking for a laptop or computer accessories, check out my new site laptopcomputerssite.com. I spent the last week putting it together and think I have enough to open the doors.

We’ll see how it goes. According to some, I should have money just pouring in soon. I won’t quit my day job just yet!

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An Alienated Father’s Christmas

Posted by madcap on December 21, 2008

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I have written in the past about Parental Alienation. While this issue almost never makes it to the 24/7 news spin channels, it is something that affects millions of families here in America, as well as millions more in other countries such as Canada and England.

What is Parental Alienation? This is when one parent, usually the mother, sets out on a campaign to keep the father out of the children’s lives. This can happen in a range of severity, climaxing into what is know as obsessed alienation. An obsessed alienator is just like the terminator, they can’t be stopped. Usually these people suffer from narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies. I call them Terminator Mothers.

The sad thing is that our legal system rolls out the red carpet for mothers to do this. Not fathers, mothers. The gender bias in our courts is profound. Things are starting to change as the courts get bogged down with frivolous complaints, but not fast enough for me.

This will be my first Alienated Christmas ever. I can’t so much as send my daughters a card or give them a call. If I was to write something personally to them in this post, I could be arrested and thrown in jail. So I will not say anything like “Merry Christmas girls,” or “I love you” directly to them. That would be a major violation.

Why? What did I do? After eight years of court ordered visitation how did it end? I moved to Chicago. As soon as my tires left the driveway, mom was once again back in court filing for an emergency order of protection. Emergency Orders of Protection are great weapons for terminator mothers because you do not need any proof of anything. Just fill out the paper work and presto – all visitation removed. Now dad has to hire an attorney, attend multiple court hearings, take off work, pay for hotels and fork out thousands of dollars.

Isn’t that great? Now what happens after all this? You get your visitation back. Not your money, not your time, and not your sleep. This is all part of the strategy used by terminator mothers. Do this, and many other things, as often as possible, hoping that dad will just get tired and go away. And, many fathers do. I’m on the edge myself. I could write a book on the fires I’ve walked through in order to maintain relationships with my daughters.

My terminator has been so crazy, her last attorney apologized to my attorney for his client being so outrageous. Of course he had no problem taking her money.

So, this is Christmas. I wonder how my girls are doing. I’m wishing I could hear their voices. It’s the last Sunday in Advent. I’ll go to church and pray. Not just for myself and my childern, but for all the fathers, childern, and families that are shattered and broken.

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Family Court Cost Used As “Strategy”

Posted by madcap on December 5, 2008

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It has been my experience that the only winner in court cases are the attorneys. In my case, the expense of court is used as part of moms strategy to alienate me from my daughters. Mom will insist on going to court knowing full well that she will loose, as long as it is financially draining on me. In this current round, I will have to add hotels and days off from work because I now live so far away. This is a post from Fathers Unite that talks about the cost of court battles.

Family courts today are not a solution for divorcing parents, but a hindrance to the process and very harmful to children and families. Unfortunately this is a simple scientific and statistical fact – NOT AN OPINION.  Over 80% of custody awards are for sole custody and this has been proven the absolute WORST arrangement for children – yet it is the easiest and most profitable for lawyers and the states. Therefore it is a fact that divorce courts today are destroying millions of children’s chances of growing up normal. In fact the chance of divorce of a child later in life goes up 93% when raised in a sole-custody home.
State family courts operate unconstitutionally, without regard to the highest laws of the land by ignoring supreme court rulings, case law and the many fundamental guarantees of the constitution. Calling then “kangaroo courts” would be too generous as kangaroo courts at least go through the motions to pretend there is justice – family courts often issue judgments without a trial!  They intimidate, drive people into bankruptcy and tell people they “can’t win” and they are right because the game is rigged. It is basically a conspiracy to deny parents their rights for the profit of people in this FOR PROFIT system. Video by Minister Ron Smith.

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Posted by madcap on December 5, 2008

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As you know, I have been fighting being alienated from my two daughters for more than eight years. Recently I moved to Chicago and mom used it as an opportunity to once again attempt to end visitation by filing a report with DCFS, and seeking a two year order of protection that would cut off any and all communication with my daughters.

The DCFS report came back this week and was determined to be unfounded. I can add this to the two separate claims by mom that I molested the girls, and the other occasion where mom claimed I gave my youngest daughter narcotics. I have been attempting to reason with mom, but it looks like I will have to fight her in court once again if I am to maintain any relationship with my daughters.

Over the past two months I have been to many blogs of fathers who are also dealing with terminator mothers like Anna Jurich. This is a crisis that is rampant throughout our country. This will be an ongoing post to which I will be adding links to websites and blogs of fathers who are going through the same struggle. Dealing with mothers like Anna Jurich can be absolutely emotionally and spiritually exhausting, so it is good to be in contact with others with the same struggle.






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Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) – Fathers’ Rights

Posted by madcap on December 5, 2008

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This is another great video on Parental Alienation…

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is the process by which one parent, usually the mother, turns a child against the other parent in disputes regarding custody or access – PLEASE NOTE THIS VIDEO CLIP WAS PRODUCED BEFORE THE INFAMOUS TAPED TELEPHONE MESSAGE FROM MR BALDWIN TO HIS DAUGHTER – Do you think his reaction on the ‘phone is the result of years of PAS?

‘even Toddlers Need Fathers’

‘Helping fathers sustain a parental relationship with their child or children through the courts’.
Kingsley Miller is the author of ‘even Toddlers Need Fathers’.

Professor Sir Michael Rutter, author of the seminal work ‘Maternal Deprivation Reassessed’, and a foremost authority on children’s welfare, said,

“Very many thanks for sending me a copy of your interesting and informative guide on ‘even Toddlers Need Fathers’. I much appreciate your drawing my attention to it”,

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The Gregory Mantell Show — Parental Alienation Syndrome

Posted by madcap on December 5, 2008

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This is a great video on Parental Alienation….

When divorce turns nasty and one parent tries to turn the kids against the other. Dr. Jayne Major, police officer Catherine MacWillie, and film director Shelli Ryan discuss parental alienation syndrome.

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Ten Blogs About Fathers’ Rights

Posted by madcap on December 5, 2008

Cross Posted on my new blog www.thoughtsongod.com

These are some of the best blogs on the issue of fathers’ rights…

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A Vote of Confidence in Fathers for Justice
Divorce and Custody Blogspot http://divorceandcustody.blogspot.com/
The Eccentric Father http://eccentricfather.blogspot.com/
Societal Shift in Role of Fathers http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,188688,00.html
Masculiste http://michaelcapanzzi.blogharbor.com/blog/FathersRights
Divorced Dad Daily http://www.fathers-resources.com/Blog/tabid/581/EntryID/629/Default.aspx

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