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Joe Biden prediction poll

Posted by madcap on October 23, 2008

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“Mark my words, It will not be six
months before the world tests Barack Obama.”

Old Joe hit the nail on the head. Now Obama must spin out from under reality by claiming Joe was talking about McCain as well. McCain has been tested many times, Obama has not. Obama is being dishonest once again.


3 Responses to “Joe Biden prediction poll”

  1. Shirley said

    I just don’t know if we are more likely to suffer a terrorist attack if Obama is elected president or not. I am positive of this: I do not want him elected, and fear our country will dive further into socialism if he is.

  2. madcap said

    I think weakness invites attack. This is part of human nature.

  3. madcap said

    Joe is well aware of this as well. That’s why he said what he said.

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