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Barack Obama & Friends-Sean Hannity Special

Posted by madcap on October 22, 2008

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If a Republican had a history even close to that of Obama’s the media would hang them out to dry. Thank God for the New Media.


5 Responses to “Barack Obama & Friends-Sean Hannity Special”

  1. jfair said

    Now I see why this has not been seen by anyone. Lets look at John’s time in all those house he as. Oh, my bad, he does not know them all.

  2. madcap said

    Let’s look at Obama’s own brother who lives is poverty. Obama has never even sent $5.00 to his own brother! John has his family members living in his house’s. I’m glad John and his wife have been successful and share what they have. Obama only spends other peoples’ money. That’s the liberal way. Your point is what I call pin head politics.

  3. madcap said

    I also notice you have nothing to say concerning the point of the post. Obama has had some people in his life that the media would rip a republican apart with. Because Obama is black he gets soft treatment from the main stream media. You know full well that this is true and therefor spin out into pin head politic talking points without addressing the issue. Typical liberal.

  4. todie42 said

    As one of the few Independents on this site, I agree 100% with you. But when you really get down to the nuts and bolts of the matter, it’s not necessarily the associations that bother me. It’s the fact that he has lied each time when confronted with the issue. That speaks mountains to a man’s character or lack of. If he had just been honest and then have the electorate decide I would have more respect for the man, but he is a dishonest person.

  5. todie42 said

    Hey Jfair, knowing all that you know now would you still be supporting Obama if he were white? BTW, I’m black.


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