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Louis Farrakhan: Obama the Messiah

Posted by madcap on October 10, 2008

Vodpod videos no longer available.


2 Responses to “Louis Farrakhan: Obama the Messiah”

  1. JB said

    The video abruptly ended because Farrakhan’s words in context would have contradicted right-wing spin cycle:

    “Sen. Obama is not the Messiah for sure, but anytime, he gives you a sign of uniting races, ethnic groups, ideologies, religions and makes people feel a sense of oneness, that’s not necessarily Satan’s work, that is I believe the work of God.”

    -FinalCall.com News, March 5, 2008 Edition

  2. madcap said

    Good deal. He cought his mistake. It was Obama himself who said he was going to lower the ocean levels and other “Messiah” type claims. Obama has not made “people feel a sense of oneness,” but rather used the race card several times in this campaign. The point is Obama is a smooth talker in an empty suit. He’s a Marxist posing as a redeemer, or “Messiah.”

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