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Obama; Spread the pain! Debate 08

Posted by madcap on October 8, 2008

Obama promises to make everyone “share the burden” by taking from the successful and giving to the less productive. This way everyone will be equally miserable. That’s a Marxist statement if I ever here one!

McCain called Obama out on receiving campaign money from Fannie May and Freddy Mack. In three years Obama received over one hundred and twenty million dollars from Fannie and Mack. In thirty years McCain received twenty thousand.

Obama promises to fine small businesses for not providing health insurance to employees. This should give the economy the kick it needs… Obama offers more Marxism.

Obama critisises McCain for wanting less regulation. More Marxism…

Obama blames Bush for North Korea and Iran pursuing nuclear weapons. Apparently, if we would have had them over for tea, things would be different. Reminds me of the policy of Neville Chamberlain.

I think this debate was poorly organized. Not enough time to get into issues, quick questions and a short time to respond. McCain should have been more aggressive. We should have nominated Romney. Could you imagine Romney running in this financial crisis! He was my first choice, but the evangelicals threw him under the bus.


One Response to “Obama; Spread the pain! Debate 08”

  1. A E said

    Obama and his INCOME REDISTRIBUTION is SOCIALISM IN THE BIGGEST WAY! Because some of the people in this country are more successful than others doesnt make it right for the GOVERNMENT TO TELL ME THAT I OWE IT TO THE LESS FORTUNATE!!!

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