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The Great Lie-Post-Modernism/Relativism and Tolerance

Posted by madcap on September 13, 2008

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Have you ever had someone tell you, “Hey, you have your truth and I have mine. There is no such thing as absolute truth.”? At that point you should then ask them, “Is what you’ve just said, ‘there is no absolute truth’ absolutely true?” They may say, “Well, I’m just saying that we can’t be completely sure about anything.” You should then ask, “Are you completely sure that we can’t be completely sure about anything?” Then they may say, “Ok, ok… You’re not right because we can’t know that anything is right or wrong. That’s all I’m saying. It’s all relative.” You should then say, “Is what you’re saying, ‘You’re not right because we can’t know if anything is right or wrong’ …right?” Behold, the essence of “post-modernism” or relativism as it’s also so called. Here’s basically what the philosophy stands for: Self-refutuation. It’s a walking contradiction, and it’s a lie. When someone says that we can’t know if anything is absolutely true, tell them that they are lying and remind them what one is called who tells lies. Of course they will get mad, but anyone who doesn’t love truth and says we can’t really know what truth is, is opposed to the One who is the Truth, the Way, and the Life and those who believe in Him.


One Response to “The Great Lie-Post-Modernism/Relativism and Tolerance”

  1. AWARE-LA said

    ah, but is a commitment to justice contrary to post-modernism? while the “faith” of justice-seekers may or may not be rooted in God… it can still be too concrete for relativistic thinking…. so some “liberals” might not be so “liberal” afterall?

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