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Choice, Change, and Tolerance; Moral Virtue or Mental Action?

Posted by madcap on September 13, 2008

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We hear these slogans all the time. Many say that they believe in the right to choose. To choose choice is a decisional non-decision. To choose is a mental action, not a moral virtue.

Many say that they belive in change. They want to work for change, hope for change, and be a part of change. The truth is that change happens all on it’s own with no effort on our part. What type of change is a totally different affair.

I’ve noticed that the proponents of tolerance are often very intolerant of everything and everyone who disagrees with their world view. The Unitarians have a slogan; “The only thing we will not tolerate is intolerance.” This is pure hypocrisy! The statement is a negation of itself.

Modern liberalism seeks to replace the hypergoods of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness with their hypergoods of Choice, Change and Tolerance. The problem with this is that these slogans hold no directionality. They point to no clear destination, and provide no foundation. They are the products of intellectual drift, and are totally subjective. In other words they have no meaning.

Life, Liberty, and Happiness have a clear direction for our interior moral compas to follow.

Choice, Change, and Tolerance leave us lost in the dark world of relativism.


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