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The Nuclear Option in Child Custody – Sexual Molestation Charges

Posted by madcap on September 11, 2008

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This is a great post I found on Men’s Family Law blog. As a last gasp, weeks before my visitation hearing, my terminator accused me of molestation. My lawyer told me she would probably try this option, and he was right. Some eight years later, Mom denies that this ever happened, even though I have the medical report. You can read the full post here.

Mothers are the more likely parent to make the allegation that a child is being sexually molested. Frequently it is to prevent dad from getting visitation or custody, which increases the child support that he must pay. It is the nuclear option in a custody battle, and just like in the real world, it leads to the mutually assured destruction of the parties.

The emotional damage that is done to the relationship between the parents is nothing compared to the damage that is done to the parent/child relationship by a false allegation. As much as a false allegation increases the bitterness and anger between the parties, the suspicion it creates, and the spotlight of doubt that it casts on every activity causes a lasting harm to both parent/child relationships. The suspicious parent can become overly protective and begin to plant ideas in the child’s mind – which is abusive in itself. The suspected parent can become tentative in offering affection and love out of a fear of misinterpretation and potential criminal penalties.


One Response to “The Nuclear Option in Child Custody – Sexual Molestation Charges”

  1. Stacy said

    I just had to leave a comment on this. It’s true that too many women use this tactic to hurt the father, so when it does really happen not much gets done about it. My daughter was molested by her father’s step-father. I wasn’t trying to have any of my daughter’s dad’s rights taken away, only have the step-father restrained from any contact and criminal charges brought against him. I will tell you he walks a free monster today and I believe it is exactly because of so many women bringing up the false molestation accusations. This has to stop, so the children that truly are hurt can have a way to fight back!

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