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Sarah Palin RNC Acceptance Speech Rocks Nobama!!

Posted by madcap on September 4, 2008

Part One

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Part 2 Sarah Palin-Hockey Mom takes on Obama Speech

Sarah Palin RNC Acceptance Speech 3

Part 4

Part 5

Palin’s first national speech an unqualified success

The Democrats now know they have their hands full with Sarah Palin. If there was any doubt that the self proclaimed “hockey mom” governor of Alaska could hold her own in the national political arena, it was dispelled by her performance at the Republican National Convention.

Palin delivers star-turning performance at RNC

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Sarah Palin delivered. An embattled vice presidential candidate, a novice on the national stage, the head of a family suffering its “ups and downs,” the first-term Alaska governor rocked the GOP convention with a star-turning performance.

Wielding a stiletto and a smile, Palin belittled Democrat Barack Obama and praised her new boss, John McCain, jolting the crowd of GOP partisans.

“Don’t you think we made the right choice for the next vice president of the United States!” McCain said, hinting the controversy surrounding his pick. “And what a beautiful family.”


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