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Republicans Rock Obama!

Posted by madcap on September 4, 2008

What a great convention night. Rudolph Giuliani ripped Obama down to size with facts. Sarah Palin finished him off with even more facts. The main stream media says that they did not “like her tone.” What they do not like are the facts. The fact is, Obama has never so much as ran an ice cream stand, flip flops on issues, and gives empty speeches. I can’t wait till the debates. Obama is an empty suit compared to the lifetime of real and actual achievements of both McCain and Palin.

Yesterday a workmate of mine said he liked Obama’s speech, and was thinking about voting for him. The week before he told me he did not pay much attention to politics. I told him that Obama was counting on millions of people just like him who do not pay attention. He then agreed that it was not a good idea to judge someone simply upon a speech. I hope he was watching tonight!

Also watch!!

Sarah Palin RNC Acceptance Speech

Mayor Rudy Giuliani Mops the floor with Nobama Speech At GOP Convention


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