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Posted by madcap on August 29, 2008

Well all you fathers out in cyberspace land, it looks like the alienating moms found my blog. I’ve been getting traffic from what I will call the “obsessed alienation blog.” Looks like PAS is nothing other than a tool used by abusive fathers to abuse women!!

“I am a mother who has been labelled with PAS–not by any licensed medical
professional–but by a biased judge and my abuser and his sleazy lawyer Poor women do get labelled with PAS and Malicious  Mom Syndrome. I believe PAS is used against women as a form of  intimidation, a weapon used to force the mother to give up the fight or risk  losing everything.”

No point in arguing, just thought it might serve as a good example of how irrational and and twisted the thinking is in an obsessed alternators mind.

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Misuse of Order of Protection: Mom the Terminator


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