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Parental Alienation Syndrome: How to Detect It and What to Do About It

Posted by madcap on August 23, 2008

Over the past few weeks I have been doing research on Parental Alienation. For the past eight years my children have been victims of an Obsessed Alienation process perpetrated by their mother. I have been aware of this the whole time, but did not realize the severity and the depth of damage that was happening. I thought mom would be unsuccessful as long as I remained in my children’s lives. What I have been learning however, is that this is hardly ever the case. The power in immersing the children in an environment of “hate dad” is far too strong for children to overcome. In my case, the majority of the children’s time was spent in the Alienation environment.

This is one article that was of great assistance in helping me realize the severity of my own situation. I wish I would have sought a court order allowing me to take my children to counseling a long time ago.

THE FLORIDA BAR JOURNAL, VOL. 73, No. 3, MARCH 1999, p 44-48

Parental Alienation Syndrome:
How to Detect It and What to Do About It

by J. Michael Bone and Michael R. Walsh

Although parental alienation syndrome (PAS) is a familiar term, there is still a great deal of confusion and unclarity about its nature, dimensions, and, therefore, its detection.(1) Its presence, however, is unmistakable. In a longitudinal study of 700 “high conflict” divorce cases followed over 12 years, it was concluded that elements of PAS are present in the vast majority of the samples.(2) Diagnosis of PAS is reserved for mental health professionals who come to the court in the form of expert witnesses. Diagnostic hallmarks usually are couched in clinical terms that remain vague and open to interpretation and, therefore. susceptible to argument pro and con by opposing experts. The phenomenon of one parent turning the child against the other parent is not a complicated concept, but historically it has been difficult to identify clearly. Consequently, cases involving PAS are heavily litigated, filled with accusations and counter accusations, and thus leave the court with an endless search for details that eventually evaporate into nothing other than rank hearsay. It is our experience that the PAS phenomenon leaves a trail that can be identified more effectively by removing the accusation hysteria, and looking ahead in another positive direction.

For the purpose of this article the authors are assuming a fair degree of familiarity with parental alienation syndrome on the part of the reader.(3) There are many good writings on PAS which the reader may wish to consult now or in the future for general information. Our focus here is much more narrow. Specifically, the goal is twofold. First we will describe four very specific criteria that can be used to identify potential PAS. In most instances, these criteria can be identified through the facts of the case, but also can be revealed by deposition or court testimony. Secondly, we wish to introduce the concept of “attempted” PAS; that is when the criteria of PAS are present, but the child is not successfully alienated from the absent parent. This phenomenon is still quite harmful and the fact of children not being alienated should not be viewed as neutral by the court. Full Article:

4 Responses to “Parental Alienation Syndrome: How to Detect It and What to Do About It”

  1. hyposomnia said

    I can tell you that in some situations (though not many, I’ll give you) the perpetrator can easily be the father. I have been living it for the last year and unfortunately, my ex (like yours, it sounds) has a lot of connections/acquaintances – that is to say, he seems to know everybody – though he’s not close to many people – because when that happens, people figure him out.

    I’ve had to deal with threats of the children being taken, of him sending my step-daughter (who has lived with me for 8 years – only a few of which he has been around) overseas. He has contacted every member of my family in an attempt to turn them against me. He has contacted my employer in attempts to get me fired. He has contacted every member of the school faculty at the kids’ schools. Everytime I let my guard down – another attack is around the corner.

    My 6 year old comes home with new words and phrases that I supposedly am: not a Christian, gay – anything he can come up with.

    And the unfortunate thing is, I’ve tried to cooperate, to tell him I’m all for open visitation and I don’t want child support – but I think it’s really just a game to him. It’s not about the kids – it’s about if he wins or loses.


  2. Jackie Zeune said

    My name is Jacqueline. I live in Powell Ohio with my soon to be ex-husband and my 5 year old son.
    Ray and I are going through a divorce. Ray has filed for a divorce and exclusive occupancy of our marital home
    as well as Residential and Custodial custody of our 5 year old son.

    In the past year my son has been brainwashed to a major degree against me by his father.
    Beginning with last year when Ray and i were seperated and I lived in another residence and we
    shared custody of our son.

    Ray exposed Garret to friends that spoke openly negative about me in front of the child.
    Ray exposed Garret to a church congregation and a pastor who spoke openly about personal
    issues regarding me in front of our (then 4) year old son.

    Garret has been fed negative words, thoughts etc regarding myself and my unwillingness to particpate in
    the church Ray has chosen to attend.
    The church is pastored by Reverend Leroy Jenkins. He is a preacher who has been in prison for over 10 years in his past. He practices faith healings.
    My son was told by his father that Reverend Jenkins parted a tornado around a tent revival and all in the tent were saved. My son is 5 and recounted that story to me as if he were present. (HE WAS NOT), he got angry with
    me when I told him i did not feel that the story was true.

    My son has been exposed to other females in our home and Garret is encouraged by his father to develop bonds
    and relationships with these females while many of their ages are under age 23. My husband is 53 years old.
    I am 41 years old.

    My sons father made a 57 minute video with a young girl age 22 encouraging my child to bond and have a full
    relationship with her. She has slept here in the home with my son. My husband financially supported this girl
    and gave her funds to fix her car, she did laundry here in the home all the while I was never even told of her exsistence. My first introduction to her was my sons father telling me my son wasnt coming for a scheduled visit with me because he wanted to stay and play with Dee. I had no idea who this person was or even that she had intimate exposure to my child at all.

    My son no longer wants me to read him a bed time story. He kicked and screamed and yelled i want daddy
    because I wanted to read him a night night story. His father stood and said nothing other then (Garret , Go get it over with and then Daddy will come and put you to bed and read to you).

    He no longer wants me to take him to school. He cried all the way to school when I wanted to take him.
    The morning of that incident Ray stood and argued with me in front of Garret about me taking my son to school until my son began to cry and my son was very upset while his dad never did comfort him or reassure him or
    give positive feedback for me taking him to school.

    Last Christmas although we were seperated and living in seperate homes, I included Garret’s father
    in Christmas am in my home and encouraged him to see his son open Christmas Gifts. Ray in turn refused me
    entry into his home to see Garret open gifts here at the marital home.

    Ray has allowed a 19 year old from Korea and his girlfriend to sleep together in front of my son and even
    with my insistence he refused to ask them to sleep seperate. My son questioned it to me and thats how
    i found out the girl had been living in the marital home with my son for almost a month.

    My son will not bath with the appropriate amount of water because his father has told him how much water he should use even when I am bathing him. (I bath him EVERY DAY).

    He will not answer direct questions about where he and his father have been without looking at his father before answering and in many cases he still will not answer.

    I am gravely concerned for my son and If Ray is able to achieve this level of Alienation with Garret while I am in the home what will be the results of my sons mental health if Ray is success ful in removing me from the home and from my child.

    I continue to love and offer my child a safe, loving environment however he will not receive me as a parent.

    can you please help me, offer me some assistance or guide me to an appropriate place before my son
    becomes damaged mentally long term.

    thank you

  3. […] Parental Alienation Syndrome: How to Detect It and What to Do About It […]

  4. […] Parental Alienation Syndrome: How to Detect It and What to Do About It […]

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