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Obsession Islam’s War With the West

Posted by madcap on July 7, 2008

This is an outstanding presentation on the danger of Islamic Nazis. Why this never made it to the theaters I don’t know. Well, I guess it’s not politically correct, but it is the truth just the same.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


4 Responses to “Obsession Islam’s War With the West”

  1. ZzeeGerman said

    I’ve seen this documentary. It is far from being an ‘outstanding presentation on the danger of Islamic Nazis’! I kept shaking my head at the amount of bullshit that was being presented and how everything was distorted while watching it. It reminded me of Nazi propaganda, Goebbels would have been impressed. Including the former German Nazi as an ‘expert’ and interlacing the marching Nazis with their Hitler salute with those of similar Hezbollah marches was a slick piece of propaganda work. From a propaganda point one can be impressed. But that is exactly what it is, an anti-Islam, or at least anti-Islamist piece of propaganda.

    That is why it never made it into the cinemas. YES it is not politically correct! It is racist! And it is NOT THE TRUTH!

    My reason for saying this? Simple, I have a BA in War Studies and am currently doing my MA in Conflict Studies. As such I have studied terrorism, with a focus on Islamic terrorism. So I will claim some degree of expertise/understanding on this topic. And this ‘piece’ is not worthy of being called a documentary, it is pure and simple islamophobic propaganda. You are of course free to believe otherwise, as you probably will. The irony is that extremisms tend to support each other. Your racist views will give currency to the Islamist terrorists, and their actions in turn will be seen by you as prove of the correctness of this piece of propaganda.

    If you intend to point out that throughout the ‘documentary’ various ‘academic experts’ support its conclusion, well there are experts and there are experts. You will find ‘your experts’ to be in the minority, and the majority of experts to disagree with their viewpoint. I’ll leave it at that, since anything I say obviously wont change your mind.

  2. madcap said

    “everything was distorted”
    Yes I know. This happens when you become indoctrinated at the university.My wife has a PHD and it took several years to fix the damage. I personally practiced Islam for two years and know many Muslims first hand.I studied Islamic philosophy, and know history and human nature. One of the people in this was a former member of the PLO. I also know several people from Palestine who agree with the movie.

  3. colbydog said

    now that this propaganda film has been stuffed into the homes of millions of reader of 75 newspapers in swing states do you perhaps reconsider the true motives of its Israeli creators? Of course you are aware it was also played on FOX and CNN prior to the 2006 elections… no coincidence there, not that it went out on the anniversary of 9/11.

    You got it all wrong… and thats precisely what your first commenter was saying. Sure, just like the Maoists of the Cultural Revolution said, “down with intellectuals” they think too much…. You got that flag wrapped so tightly round you its stopped the blood from traveling to your head.

    The facts ARE all misleading. The graphics and quotes ARE spun to make you hate and fear. And most incideous, is the way they distort history into some orwellian fiction using the very actions and crimes they accuse the bad guys of doing… to sell you their bill of goods. Its really disturbing… and what’s worse, its in the homes of millions of families who just don’t know any better.

  4. Refute It If You Can said

    I notice none of you could actually prove that anything in the film was false or distorted.

    The truth does hurt, buddy – and the reality with Radical Islam is much worse than presented here.

    Get used to it.


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