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The Liberal Party and the Two Minutes Hate

Posted by madcap on July 6, 2008

George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-four is a classic treasure. One of the strange things about it, is that in today’s world, it is believed by many people that this book reflects the attitude of the Republicans and Conservatives. When I was younger, and a member of the Liberal party myself, this is what I was taught. Without giving it much thought, this is what I believed. But just like Winston, the main character in this novel, there was always this small voice inside of me that told me there was something wrong with this picture.

With the constant cadence from the media, Hollywood, and my teachers that Conservatism was evil, it was hard to put my finger on it. Then it hit me; this constant barrage was the Two Minute Hate that Orwell was depicting in his novel! Through these mediums, I had prostituted my mind into the Liberal Party. The party has three mottos:

Your Enemy is Your Friend

Treason is Patriotism

Surrender is Victory

The Ministry of Truth

The Ministry of Truth is composed of the main stream media, Hollywood and the University. The main purpose of these institutions is to erase the past, and distort the present in the minds of the population.

One way this is achieved is through demonizing national heroes. Any flaw that can be found in the national heroes is magnified until any good that was achieved is soon forgotten. The heroes of the past become the villains of the present. Men of great wisdom and courage set out to attempt, for the first time in history, the building of a nation built on the premise that the rights of men are given by God, and not government. These same men have become reduced to atheists who were nothing but hypocrite slave owners. Anyone who has sacrificed themselves for the greater good of the nation, have became fools. Patriotism has been redefined as any act that would help bring about the fall of society.

Another way of re-writing history is to disfigure national holidays. Birthdays of great Presidents are no longer recognized on the actual day of their birth, but have been combined into one day. After a short time people have naturally forgotten who the holiday was about. Joyful holidays for giving thanks have been transformed into mournful days of penance for past injustices. As well, any long standing religious holidays have been transformed into mere secular “extra days off” from work.

Your Enemy is Your Friend

Treason is Patriotism

Surrender is Victory


Newspeak is the official Party language. Referring to things as what they actually are is strictly forbidden. Terrorist are to be referred to as “disenfranchised youth,” or “freedom fighters.” Communist regimes, who slaughtered millions within their own populations, are to be called “agrarian reformers.” Third World nations are to be called “culturally challenged.” To be virtuous is reduced to being responsible.

Merry Christmas was changed to happy holiday. Independence Day was changed to Cinco De Mayo Day. Columbus Day was changed to Indigenous People’s Day. Sports teams such as the Red Skins and Chiefs were forced to take other names. Some words have been outlawed altogether. “Better than,” “higher than,” and “truth” are forbidden.

The official rule is that you can use any word, and words can mean whatever an individual wants them to mean; as long as they are permitted words that fall within Liberal Party guidelines.

Your Enemy is Your Friend

Treason is Patriotism

Surrender is Victory

The Two Minutes Hate

Telescreens are the most effective tool to erase the past, and distort the present in the minds of the general population. All homes have at least one, many have one in each room. They come in all shapes and sizes, from enormous plasma telescreens to small portable screens, to get your fill of hate anywhere at any time. You can also pay to go and watch full-length hates at telescreen theaters.

No matter what kind, size, or place you chose to get your hate, one face is shown: “Emmanuel Goldstein, enemy of the people.”

The hate starts every morning when the fat lesbian tells of Goldstein’s desire to end freedom, strip people of their civil liberties, and how Goldstein fulfills his unquenchable desire for oil profits by intentionally killing women and children in the Middle East.

In the evening, news anchors use any tool, even forged documents, to cast Goldstein as the enemy of the people. If there is a natural disaster, Goldstein is to blame. If there is starvation in foreign lands, it is Goldstein and his friends that brought it about. If a flu breaks out in the winter, it is Goldstein.

Even after most people are fast asleep, The Ministry of Truth broadcasts a special addition of the hate called Nightcrimes, for those who had missed the hate during the day.

On Sundays, programs such as “Deface the Nation” and “This Speak” with George Trump-it-up-abit are shown before the football games start.

Everything that ever goes wrong is the fault of Emmanuel Goldstein. If anything goes right, it is not reported, or other stories are given priority to divert people’s attention.

I can remember one day, when people who had suffered for decades under a brutal dictatorship, were allowed to vote for the first time. The Two Minutes Hate ran a false Goldstein spying story on all the telescreens and front pages of Hate papers, to take the place of the elections.

Many party members do not notice this because after a while, people begin to like the Hate. Party members begin to hunger for more Hate. This blinds them to what is actually going on. So much so that even if you showed them what is clearly happening, they would ferociously argue otherwise. The Hate is beginning to have its intended affect.

Your Enemy is Your Friend

Treason is Patriotism

Surrender is Victory

Thought Police

No official, clearly defined institution, with a sign above the door reading “Thought Police: third floor second office to the left” exists in America. Despite this, the Thought Police are extremely powerful.

The Liberal Party has its greatest power at the universities. Professors who do not profess loyalty to the Liberal Party are denied tenure. Students who do anything other than regurgitate Liberal Party doctrine are given failing grades. This causes many with dissenting views to simply keep their mouths shut in order to graduate.

Working under the guise of civil rights groups and humanitarian organizations, the Thought Police are able to instill fear through threat of legal action, to force people to fall in line with Party doctrine. The mere thought of having to go to court is enough to dictate people’s actions. People are hired for jobs simply because of the color of their skin, while more qualified people are told to hit the street.

The Thought Police, over time, are able to infiltrate every aspect of the lives of the citizens, while convincing many that it is Goldstein that is the enemy of the people. First, smoking was banned in public buildings. Then it was banned in restaurants and bars. Soon it will be illegal to smoke in your own car and home.

Now restaurants are being told what kind of grease to fry chicken in. Soon it will be illegal to discipline children under the age of three. Next the age will be raised to six, then twelve, then you will have no right as a parent to discipline your child at any age.

Your Enemy is Your Friend

Treason is Patriotism

Surrender is Victory

The Party Swindle

While the Liberal Party continually proclaims that it is Goldstein who is the enemy of the people, the Liberal Party continues to strip people of individual rights while granting ever more power to the government. It’s an ingenious plan; keep the people looking in the other direction while doing exactly what they claim Goldstein is doing!

Hopefully history will speak louder than Liberal Party propaganda. History tells the story of the last time a member of the Liberal Party was the President. Stripping the public of its right to bear arms was a major priority. The banning of books was in full effect. People were so afraid of the government, militia groups were forming all across America.

The ATF were really kicking down people’s doors. At Ruby Ridge, Randy Weaver’s family was killed. His infant child was shot right between the eyes by a sniper. And our own citizens, including women and children, were burned and run over with Bradley tanks in Waco Texas.

Now the wife of this former President is making a run for the White House, promising that she will get the country back on track. Back to the good old days before the evil Goldstein and his friends ruined everything.

Your Enemy is Your Friend

Treason is Patriotism

Surrender is Victory


One Response to “The Liberal Party and the Two Minutes Hate”

  1. richardcorke said

    Wow! Thank goodness for confirmation. I have gone through a similar tranformation. When I read your first paragraph, it was like the time I saw a guy who looked exactly like me driving toward me in his truck as I was crossing the street. Surreal.

    It has taken years for me to critically analyze the leftist indoctrination that I got in lieu of a proper college education.

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