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Liberal Perspectives – The World Viewed Through A Straw

Posted by madcap on July 5, 2008

liberalismBy Madcap – No matter what the issue, event or circumstance, the Liberal mind is incapable of grasping big pictures. It is a micro world view grown in the Petri dish we call the university. Today the university has lost sight of a true liberal education and is today producing specialists. Therefore, along with books, pencils and paper, the modern student is required to be well supplied with plenty of straws through which to examine closely the world around them.

Through this straw one sees the rights of man, while the responsibility that accompanies each of these rights escapes their field of vision. History always begins in the morning, and the events of the day occur in a vacuum, with no past reference.

If the Earth’s temperature rises one degree over the last one hundred years, it must be because of all the plastic bags, tin cans and Wal-mart. Only a “savior,” a god-man like Al Gore can rescue humanity from calamity. The eons of years prior to man’s arrival, with all the ebbs and flows of seasons, the destruction and catastrophes, are never seen through the straw.

It is through this straw one sees immigration, but misses the illegal part. It is through this straw one sees stem cell research, but bypasses the embryonic part. It is through this straw that Bush and Hitler, Gitmo and the gulags all appear to be one and the same.

If they see Pavlov, it must all be a bell. If they see Freud, it must all be sex. If they see Sagan, it must all be dust. If they see the New York Times, it must all be true. If they see god, it must all be themselves.

It is through this straw that war is never the answer, no matter what the question might be. Treason looks the same as patriotism, defeat the same as victory. Success is punished while failure is nurtured.

While the amount of information, and the ease of access to it has never been for man as it is today, if you view life through a straw, no high speed laptop will suffice to correct the vision problem in today’s world of the specialist. While we as men have gathered great quantities of information, so much that we had to create a cyber-space to store all of it, we still have lost much of our wisdom through the forces of historicism, relativism, positivism, and straw-ism.

The Liberal perspective is a narrow perspective. It is a shallow perspective. It is a young perspective, like a top 40 pop song, that is here today and gone tomorrow. Most important, it is a dangerous perspective, for it sees not the cliff it is about to walk over. It cannot see the canyon. It cannot see the forest nor the trees. It is a high-speed train rolling down the tracks of the regress express. All aboard and let it roll! Ding-ding…ding-ding…ding-ding…


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