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Obama’s patriotic friends

Posted by madcap on July 3, 2008

Liberalism has redefined the meaning of patriotism. To a liberal patriotism equals descent. Liberals claim that our country was founded on descent. This is true, but the descent was agents tyranny, not liberty. Obama is on point with the attempt to destroy the pillars of the city. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the ideals that made our country great, are viewed as old and in the way. Choice, Change, and Tolerance are the new slogans. These words are just that; empty words. They point to no clear destination. They provide no footing for one to build a life upon. Choice is a mental action and holds no moral value. Change is not always for the better. And some things can not be tolerated.

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B. Hussein Obama. No 9/11 flag pin for him!
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5 Responses to “Obama’s patriotic friends”

  1. caffinequeen said

    Please don’t lump all liberals in with Obama and his crowd of thugs! Some of us are very patriotic and care deeply about liberty!

    I completely agree with you that if Obama were to actually get elected the changes we wouldsee would not be the changes most of us want. I wonder frequently these days if I am still IN America. This guy and all his cronies and terrorists, criminals, hate pushers and all his other “buddies” are very dangrous.

    Again I have to say not all liberals or all democrats are behind this jerk nor do most of us share his “values” if that’s what you want to call them.

  2. madcap said

    “Please don’t lump all liberals”
    Liberalism, as we see it today, is a faulty philosophy.It is based in emotional relativism.Not all liberals will vote for Obama or agree with is political philosophy; but enough do to place them in one category.I bet you are a Hillery supporter.

  3. caffinequeen said

    Yup! I’m a Clintonista for sure but I’m also a life-long dem though I don’t think I’ll be voting dem this year unless they change the nominee before November that is.

    Hillary is a dem I can agree with. She is liberal but mostly a centrist. I think that the other far-left dems have hijacked not only the party bt what it means to be a democrat. At least in the public image department.

    Truly a liberal should care about equal rights for all, education, opportunities, making our government fiscally and environmentaly responsible, and a lot of other things.

    The far-left is absolutley more interested in policies I would say are more in line with arksism or even Communisim. They want to impose their extreme views on everybody.

  4. madcap said

    Well, I hope you vote for McCain.

  5. caffinequeen said

    I have never voted republican before and I don’t plan on doing it this time unless I have to. If it looks like Mac will lose to Obama I just might have to.

    My money is on the “Golden One” imploding before Agust or if not then before November for sure! I mean who knows hao many more crazy, hate filled pastors he’s got in the wings or for that matter how many more of his cronies will be exposed/arrested/tried for thier many crimes? Eventually someone will get the truth about this guy out there!

    Too many of us are working toward protecting our country from this kind of extremeisim.

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