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Video-Barack Obama Philadelphia Speech on Race

Posted by madcap on March 19, 2008

“Barack Obama took the stage this morning to give what was billed as a “major speech on race.” It was, of course, an attempt to rescue his campaign from the revelation that his so-called spiritual mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, espouses a virulently anti-American and antiwhite worldview called “black liberation theology.”

“Obama expects us to believe that in the 17 years of attending Reverend Wright’s sermons, he never heard talk of Israeli “state terrorism,” the “US of KKK A” or any of the other myriad insanities uttered by the man he has referred to as his “sounding board.” He wants us to think that in all of his heart-to-heart conversations with his pastor, he never saw the angry, conspiratorial and America-hating minister now topping the charts on YouTube. Many of Obama’s supporters – given the messianic milieu of his campaign – are credulous enough to believe these evasions. But most general election voters will not.”

Rush Limbaugh’s Barack the Magic Negro

Barack Obama Footage 1974 Occidental College President

“Free the weed.”


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