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The Death of Vince Foster – What Really Happened?

Posted by madcap on March 9, 2008

Evidence is presented that the death of White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster was not a suicide. Expert testimony, contradictory statements from witnesses, official bungling/corruption, the missing bullet, the missing X-rays, the missing crime scene photos, the strange, untraceable gun, the missing papers from Foster‘s office, plus more disturbing evidence and possible motives for his murder, are reviewed in detail.


One Response to “The Death of Vince Foster – What Really Happened?”

  1. The problem with the Clinton Crime Syndicate is that there are so many damning stories like this that one is overwhelmed by it all. I will try to identify a few from memory as an example.

    Mena airport/cocaine gate
    Pardon-gate (Mark Rich)
    Vast-rightwing conspiracy Lewinski gate
    Travel office-gate
    Refusal to release White house records-gate
    Refusal to release tax return-gate

    But yeah, the Foster story is especially chilling. It should be mandatory reading for every Hill-bot voter. There is a reason that her supporters are in the lowest IQ strata.

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