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High Idols of Darwin and Hitler

Posted by madcap on March 3, 2008

Take Darwin’s highest idol, survival of the fittest, mix three tablespoons of Nietzsche’s will to power, shake well with a Wagner opera and, wallah! One holocaust coming up!

Darwin placed such power in survival of the fittest, that it appeared to be God. This was his highest idol. The reason for all the diversity and complexity of life was due to the power in the will to survive. This force was to him so powerful, that over time it was able to construct a world that appears to be created by a designer. To Darwin, God was dead.

Nietzsche recognized this force as well. To Nietzsche, the will to power was the greatest good. The will to power is so powerful, that over time, it could produce the “over-man”. It was his highest idol . Away with humility, throw virtue into the abyss! God is dead; Eco Homo!

Being that Hitler was a man of shallow thinking, he gathered most of his information from the people around him that to some extent would actually read a book. I doubt Hitler had any deep understanding of ether of the thinkers mentioned. He did however understand survival of the fittest and the will to power. These were Hitlers high idols. But I would admit that it was at the opera that Hitler really got his rocks off. Music is not hard to understand. It excites the passions with little effort.

I don’t hold Darwin or Nietzsche personally responsible for the holocaust. This debate is not really about Darwin. It’s about ideas. It’s about our idols.


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