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Noam Chomsky vs. William F. Buckley Debate

Posted by madcap on February 29, 2008

Notice how cool Buckley stays while Chomsky continually interrupts and  runs the conversation in circles.

Part one

Part two


4 Responses to “Noam Chomsky vs. William F. Buckley Debate”

  1. Aiden Frost said

    Chomsky owns him! hahahah Buckley doesn’t even have a firm grasp of history… His arguments don’t hold water when critically examined by Chomsky. Look how many times Buckley blinks when Chomsky starts going on about the Philippines and Greece. Buckley can’t even contemplate the United States ever taking a wrong foot anywhere or committing similar acts of imperialism to Stalinist imperialism.

  2. madcap said

    Stalinist imperialism is responsible for the death of some 28 million people, where do you find the comparison?

  3. madcap said

    “The Philippines are ours,not to exploit, but to develop, to civilize, to educate, to train in the science of self-government.”

  4. iluvpizza said

    There are patriots who believe the U.S. can never do anything wrong, and then there is Chomsky, who believes the U.S. has never done anything for any other country, without some underlying evil purpose. I hope that Chomsky sees that he has more in common with the blind patriot than he probably realizes.

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