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Waco And The Era Of Clinton Stormtroopers

Posted by madcap on February 27, 2008

Remember when Americans were so afraid of their own government that many were joining militia groups in record numbers? Remember the book banning, ATF raids, and military strikes on our own citizens? The “good old days” of the Clinton era are filled with White House staff suicide and prison sentences, allegations of rape and other sexual scandals, and the chilling military action in Waco Texas. The following is part of Hillary’s 35 year record of fighting for the people. If she includes her time as First Lady, then I will as well.

WACO: The Rules of Engagement

” The first full-length documentary film to present the complete picture of the series of events outside Waco, Texas during 1993 that resulted in the shooting of 4 federal agents and the deaths of 86 men, women, and children of the Branch Davidian religious sect.

A highly detailed examination of the interaction between David Koresh, his members, and Federal Law Enforcement. It shows how the FBI misled the public and American political leaders in order to focus overwhelming force on a group whose diversity of race, national origin, and apocalyptic religious beliefs made its members easy targets for lethal abuse of civil and human rights. Gripping and deeply thought provoking, the film provides America with something it truly needs – an opportunity to review the historical record of events at Waco. The findings raise doubts about the FBI’s version of the story and their larger role in similar instances of law enforcement.”

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