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Posted by madcap on February 26, 2008

Peter Atkins Dramatically Overstates the Evidence for Evolutionary Phylogenies

I recently picked up Galileo’s Finger: The Ten Great Ideas of Science by Oxford chemist Peter Atkins. It’s a 2003 book, and on the plus side, it offers enjoyable and concise explanations of many important scientific theories, including some lucid diagrams explaining Einstein’s ideas about relativity.

In his chapter on evolution, Atkins boldly states, “The effective prediction is that the details of molecular evolution must be consistent with those of macroscopic evolution.” (pg. 16) I’m willing to accept that “prediction.” However, Atkins unfortunately goes on to dramatically overstate the evidence for molecular evolution by asserting, “That is found to be the case: there is not a single instance of the molecular traces of change being inconsistent with our observations of whole organisms.” (pg. 16)

I’ve addressed this topic before, and, to put it nicin ely, Atkins’ comment is wrong. In fact, in 2000, Trisha Gura wrote an entire review article in Nature entitled “Bones, Molecules or Both?” (Vol. 406:230-233, July 20, 2000), devoted entirely to examining the difficulties encountered by evolutionary scientists when trying to reconcile molecule-based phylogenetic trees with phylogenetic trees based upon morphology. In Gura’s words, the commonality of these conflicts has led to great “evolution wars” among systematists over whether they should use “bones,” “molecules,” or “both” when constructing phylogenies. As Gura stated: Full story:


4 Responses to “From Evolution News & Views”

  1. bobcu said

    Why does this blog quote from the professional liars of the anti-science Discovery Institute?

  2. bobcu said

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    OK, I get it. This is a intelligent design magic blog that likes to censor people. How nice. That’s just what this country needs, more liars for jesus.

  3. Dan said

    Are you interested in promoting something that’s NOT propaganda and misinformation now?

  4. madcap said

    You seem to have imploded. Personal insults show just how incapable, or unwilling you are to contend in the free market place of ideas. I never, not one time, mentioned Jesus, the Bible or religion in any of my arguments. I use reason. This must have thrown you off. Better luck next time!

    Also, you never responded to me on the original thread. Why did you jump to another post without a response? If you continue to throw insults in an attempt to avoid dialect, I will have to spam ya. I would hope we could have a conversation, I’m willing to listen to your arguments, not grade school playground crap.

    “Why does this blog quote from the professional liars”

    If you take a moment to look around and see where you are at, I think you will notice I have a wide verity of positions represented on this blog.

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