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A Thought From Allan Bloom:Moral Order

Posted by madcap on February 21, 2008

“The old moral order, however imperfect it may have been, at least moved toward the virtues by way of the passions. If men were self-concerned, that order tried to expand the scope of self-concern ti include others, rather than commanding men to cease being concerned with themselves. To attempt the latter is both tyrannical and ineffective.

A true political or social order requires the soul to be like a Gothic cathedral, with selfish stresses and strains helping to hold it up. Abstract moralism condemns certain keystones, removes them, and then blames both the nature of the stones and the structure when it collapses. The failure of agriculture in social collective farming is the best political example of this. An imaginary motive takes the place of a real one, and when the imaginary motive fails to produce the real effect, those who have not been motivated by it are blamed and persecuted.”-A. Bloom, The Closing of The American Mind


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