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A Thought From Richard Dawkins

Posted by madcap on February 18, 2008

“If you want to do evil, science provides the most powerful weapons to do evil; but equally, if you want to do good, science puts into your hands the most powerful tools to do so. The trick is to want the right things, then science will provide you with the most effective methods of achieving them.” Lecture: Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder

The thing is, hard sciences cannot provide these “right things.” Right and wrong are not “things” that we find running around in the material world, though we do in fact experience their effects.You can’t find morality with a microscope in a lab. For science to know that I am thinking is one thing; to know what and why I’m thinking is quite another set of questions. For answers to these metaphysical type questions, we must look toward philosophy, theology, and religion. Material science provides knowledge, and material comforts. Metaphysical science brings wisdom and meaning.

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