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A Thought From Alexis De Tocqueville

Posted by madcap on February 17, 2008

“It must be acknowledged that equality, which brings great benefits into the world, nevertheless suggests to men (as will be shown hereafter) some very dangerous propensities. It tends to isolate them from each other, to concentrate every man’s attention upon himself; and lays open the soul to an inordinate love of material gratification. The greatest advantage of religion is to inspire diametrically contrary principles. There is no religion which does not place the object of man’s desire above and beyond the treasures of earth, and which does not naturally raise his soul to regions far above those of the senses… Religious nations are therefore naturally strong on the very point on which democratic nations are weak, which shows of what importance it is for men to preserve their religion as their conditions become more equal. Tocqueville, 1840-Democracy in America

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