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Posted by madcap on February 10, 2008

CP: Intelligent Design Professor Loses Appeal for Tenure

“The Iowa Board of Regents rejected on Thursday an appeal by a professor who said he was wrongfully denied tenure by Iowa State University because of his views supporting intelligent design.

While ISU officials have maintained that their decision last spring on Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez ‘s bid for tenure had nothing to do with intelligent design, e-mails exchanged by ISU faculty – who voted against his tenure and statements in Gonzalez’s tenure file – suggest otherwise.” More…

TBO: Senator Set To Intensify Investigation Of Ministries

TAMPA – “U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley is increasing pressure on five large ministries that have refused to respond to his financial inquiry even as political watchers say the investigation could hurt Republicans in the upcoming election.

Grassley, a Republican and the ranking member of the Senate’s finance committee, is sending a second round of letters asking the preachers whether they use church money to bankroll their lavish lifestyles and private businesses. His inquiry is questioning whether they have violated their tax-exempt status.” More…
Also see: The Huckabee Copeland Connection

CNSN: Film on Islam Making Waves, Even Though No One’s Seen It Yet

(CNSNews.com) – “A Dutch lawmaker who caused a stir last year with calls to ban the Koran in his country is again under fire, this time for making a film criticizing Islam’s most revered text.

Geert Wilders announced late last year that his aim in making the short movie was to show that the Koran was not some “old dusty book” but the inspiration in many parts of the world for “intolerance, murder and terror.” More…

AP: Evangelical Leader Endorses Huckabee

“James Dobson, one of the nation’s most prominent evangelical Christian leaders, backed Mike Huckabee’s presidential bid Thursday night, giving the former Arkansas governor a long-sought endorsement as the Republican field narrowed to a two-man race.” More…

CWN: Vatican confirms plans for Pope’s April visit to US

Vatican, Feb. 8, 2008 (CWNews.com) – “The Vatican has officially confirmed plans for a papal trip to the US, with stops in Washington and New York, for April 15- 21.

Plans for the papal trip had already been disclosed by the apostolic nuncio in Washington, Archbishop Pietro Sambi, during an address to the US bishops’ conference last November. The Vatican, however, traditionally does not make an official announcement of papal travel plans until a few weeks before the trip.” More…


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