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The Huckabee Copeland Connection

Posted by madcap on February 9, 2008

CBS News has reported that the Huckabee campaign received a $29,000.00 contribution from TV evangelist Kenneth Copeland. Copeland, along with five other evangelical TV preachers, are currently under Senate investigation concerning financial questions. You know, flying around in private jets, buying big homes, smoking Cuban cigars and stuff like that. Copeland reportedly has refused to cooperate with the investigation. ABC news showed Copeland’s new home, a monster mansion on a hill. This was interesting because I watched Copeland a few weeks back, and remember him attempting to scripturally justify his new home and lavish lifestyle. From CBS:

“To live in the garden of Eden … hallelujah!” Copeland says. “Somebody shout ‘amen!'”

In one TV sermon after another, Kenneth Copeland and wife, Gloria, implore viewers to sow the seeds of their faith by following God’s word – and donating dollars, promising a 100-fold return in happiness and wealth, Keteyian reports…
Senate investigators are digging into whether ministry resources are being diverted into an array of for-profit companies tied to the Copelands: cattle, horses, aviation, real-estate development and gas and oil wells to name a few.

Huckabee reportedly not only received money from Copeland, but also held a fundraiser at the Copeland estate raising around $100,000.00. Copeland is one of five TV preachers currently under investigation. So far Huckabee has refused to return the money. It’s just not real smart to accept money from someone who is under investigation while you’re running to be the president of the United States.

Apparently Huckabee and Copeland are friends, which to me does not speak well for Huckabee. From MSNBC:

“He [Huckabee] said, ‘Kenneth Copeland, I will stand with you.’ He said, ‘You’re trying to get prosperity to the people, and they’re trying to take it away from ’em.’ [Huckabee] said, ‘I will stand with you, any time, anywhere, on any issue.’ That settled that. I said, ‘Yeah, that’s my man. That’s my man, right there.’ “

Copeland also quoted Gov. Huckabee as saying: “Why should I stand with them [Senate] and not stand with you? They only got 11 percent approval rating.”

In an interview today on his campaign plane, Gov. Huckabee described Copeland as a “friend” and said all the recent donations are legal.Our local Christian T.V station has preacher after preacher asking for money.

Yes, so does mine. That’s the problem. Many of the TV preachers are big on manipulating people for money, and putting on dramatical performances, yet small on any real theological substance, or ways to deepen ones personal relationship with God. It’s all about how God is going to bless you with material wealth. After, of course, you send in a donation.


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4 Responses to “The Huckabee Copeland Connection”

  1. Are these recent contributions from Huckabee??

  2. I don’t see a link to the ABC story.

  3. madcap said

    It was CBS not ABC. Sorry for the confusion. I have added several links about the story.

  4. Lily said

    Thank you for posting this information. It’s about time someone came forward to begin exposing Huckabee for what he really is: a dangerous phony. He and John McCain (in concert with Thompson and Giuliani) have effectively driven a wedge in the conservative party.

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