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Christians abandoned Romney

Posted by madcap on February 7, 2008

Religious bigotry has played a major roll in this election. It is not being talked about, but it’s thick. The tension lies lurking under the surface. Through the whole process of the primaries I was trying to figure out why conservatives were so reluctant, and ultimately too late, in supporting Romney. What I soon discovered was that many of my Christian brothers and sisters were throwing Romney under the bus, primarily because he was a Mormon; and therefore not a real Christian. Huckabee himself made slight with Romney’s religion. I find all of this to be rather disappointing.

I myself do not theologically agree with much of Mormon teaching, but I can find points of argument in all Christian religions. On a human level I found Romney to be a man of true virtue. You can see it reflected in his family, and in his personal lifestyle. He was young, energetic, and a real conservative.

In my belief, God has never granted me the authority to judge someone in the fashion Romney was judged. Would the real Christian please step forward. I want to know who is a real Christian. Is Mike Huckabee a real Christian? What does that mean and how do we know? Let he who is without sin make the first call.

This is a September 2005 article from the Washington Monthly:

Mitt Romney’s Evangelical Problem

But moderate Republicans aren’t the ones who could derail a Romney candidacy. His obstacle is the evangelical base–a voting bloc that now makes up 30 percent of the Republican electorate and that wields particular influence in primary states like South Carolina and Virginia. Just as it is hard to overestimate the importance of evangelicalism in the modern Republican Party, it is nearly impossible to overemphasize the problem evangelicals have with Mormonism. Evangelicals don’t have the same vague anti-LDS prejudice that some Americans do. For them it’s a doctrinal thing, based on very specific theological disputes that can’t be overcome by personality or charm or even shared positions on social issues. Romney’s journalistic boosters either don’t understand these doctrinal issues or try to sidestep them. But ignoring them won’t make them go away. To evangelicals, Mormonism isn’t just another religion. It’s a cult.

Full article.


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