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Super Tuesday Predictions

Posted by madcap on February 5, 2008

My Super Tuesday Predictions
By, Chuck Jines

I’m going to part with the polls on this one. I feel a wave of support around Romney that started late last week.

From the winner takes all states

Arizona: WTA = 53, TCTC
California: WTA = 173, Mitt Romney
Connecticut: WTA = 30, John McCain
Delaware: WTA = 18, TCTC
Georgia: WTA = 72, Mitt Romney
Missouri: WTA = 58 TCTC
New Jersey: WTA = 52, John McCain
New York: WTA = 101, John McCain
Oklahoma: WTA = 41, John McCain
Tennessee: WTA = 55, Mitt Romney
Utah: WTA = 36, Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney total 336
John McCain total 224

Awarded proportionally

Alabama: AP = 48
Arkansas: AP = 34
Colorado: AP = 46,
Illinois: AP = 70
Massachusetts: AP = 43
Minnesota: AP = 41

total 228

Mitt Romney 86
John McCain 62
Other 80

Total including delegates acquired before Super Tuesday

Mitt Romney 481
John McCain 381

We’ll see how close or how far I’m off soon enough.


2 Responses to “Super Tuesday Predictions”

  1. ytown said

    California is not winner take all for the Republicans… I wish it was for Romney’s sake.

  2. madcap said

    I think you are correct, but I still give the majority of the delegates to Romney.

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