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The Evangelical Factor

Posted by madcap on February 1, 2008

The Evangelical Factor
February 1, 2008
By, Chuck Jines

What is going on in the GOP? Over the past seven years I have watched John McCain infuriate conservatives time and time again. Yet here we are, aghast that McCain is the current front runner, and more than likely, our Republican nominee. The evangelicals are once again paving the road for the secular humanist .

These folks have thrown support behind Huckabee primarily because he is a Christian. This is just as intellectually vacant as voting for someone because they are black, or a woman, or insisting the universe was literally created in six, twenty four hour days.

All political correctness aside, these folks are reluctant to support Romney primarily because he is a Mormon. A few minuets reviewing the comments on Godtube makes this point quite clear.

It would be the greatest example of Christian humility if Huckabee would do the right thing and bow out ,like Giuliani and Thomson did when it became obvious that they did not have a chance. The only thing Huckabee has accomplished, is splitting the conservative vote, thus rolling out the red carpet for a McCain nomination.

And then…. the crabby old man will get rolled over by either Billary or Obama.

This is a great article by “the great one,” Mark Levin:

Rally for Romney
Conservatives need to act now, before it is too late.

By Mark R. Levin


4 Responses to “The Evangelical Factor”

  1. A.j. said

    Huckabee is like Bushy boy and God talks to him personally and apparently Huckabee hasn’t heard God say to back off, even though the polls speak for themselves, that’s faith for ya…

  2. madcap said


    Faith is essential in the life of man. Even you have faith. Blind faith however, leads to ignorance and death.

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  4. […] is dividing our party, and paving the way for a Democrat victory. I suggested in a past post that Huckabee should drop out for the good of the party. He chose rather to tag teem with McCain against Romney, thus splitting […]

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