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Stephen Hawking’s Universe 2: The Big Bang

Posted by madcap on June 27, 2007

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.

Science has shown that this is far more than a tale told by an idiot.







2 Responses to “Stephen Hawking’s Universe 2: The Big Bang”

  1. Mr Happy said

    madcap you are the idiot,Dr Stephen Hawkings is a genius who has spent his somewhat difficult life trying to understand the nature of our existence,the universe and all things cosmic, you on the other hand read a book of fables and then think you know it all, get a grip your the idiot, science and religion go togeather like ham and eggs, on the other hand people like you will have egg all over your bigoted faces when in time we unlock the secrets of the universe/creation and become gods ourselfs.

  2. madcap said

    I read many books, including Stephen Hawking’s works. You seem like a rather surly fellow, what’s up with the Mr. Happy?

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